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We are currently operating in 9 projects in different regions, obtaining a monthly development average of 6,000 linear meters and around 192,000 tons of ore.

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We are a company specialized in the construction of underground and open-pit mining works and the exploitation of mineral deposits.

With more than 18 years of business solidity and experience, our main mining activity is the development of tunnels for national and foreign companies


At CoMinVi we offer quality, safety and responsibility.

The minerals we extract

Some of the minerals we extract include the following:







At CoMinVi, we are convinced that all occupational incidents and illnesses are foreseeable, which is why we direct our efforts to make decisions and actions that reduce ACCIDENT RATES. For this purpose, we are committed to provide our collaborators with a safe and healthy place to work. Likewise, we work daily to guarantee compliance with current occupational health and safety regulations in Mexico, as well as other international voluntary standards, such as ISO 45001:2018, through the application of CoMinVi’s Comprehensive Safety, Health and Environment System “SISSMAC”, opening continuous improvement processes to the participation and consultation of our people, providing them with state-of-the-art tools for the execution of their tasks that serve to align the objectives and goals that allow the elimination of hazards and the mitigation of risks. Therefore, we ensure compliance and regular communication of our safety policy.


We have equipment for underground mining work.

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Tunneling drill jumbo machines

It is designed for an optimal application of wet shotcrete, with a maximum reach of 7 meters.

Front loaders

Flexible loader with a 10 ton transshipment capacity designed with a front frame to allow higher dump height and breakout force.

Technical description:

The Toro ™ LH410 loader is designed to deliver superior levels of productivity. Thanks to the smart geometry arm, high breakout forces and high lift capacity, it provides fast bucket fill and shorter cycle times. 

Anchorage jumbo machines

Jumbo for support and / or fortification tasks of the rocky massif in ceilings, tables and / or tops, since it allows the installation of friction bolts (from 5 to 10 feet) with injection of cement, as well as the placement of electrowelded mesh.

Technical description:
It offers a superior rock bolt length to drift height ratio and can be safely used by one person. Designed with modern, simple and reliable technologies, it guarantees maximum safety and consistency of the bolting process.

Scissor Lifts

Platform designed for the installation of ventilation ducts, electrical supply lines, and air and water service pipes.

Technical description:
Equipment designed to provide a safe work platform for the installation of services in tunnels of excavation fronts up to six meters (20 feet) high. Scissor lift platforms are fully equipped to perform the multitasking tasks required in underground mining environments.

Concrete launchers

Equipment used to spray shotcrete, this equipment is specifically designed for underground mine fortification applications.

Technical description:
The mobile concrete throwing equipment has a diesel-hydraulic drive designed to cover tunnel profiles up to 7 m high and 9 m wide. Operation is controlled by a wireless remote control system

Backhoe loaders

An equipment that works based on combustion and hydraulics, is used to carry out excavations in a wide variety of terrain, it works by burying a bucket or shovel with which it extracts earth or materials deposited on the ground

Technical description:
A backhoe is a piece of equipment that has a front loader bucket. This bucket has a large load capacity and can push, level, pick up and load different materials. At the same time, the equipment has an excavator arm at the back for digging. On average, this tends to have an excavation depth of 4 meters. However, this arm can have a maximum extension that reaches up to 7 meters.

Hauling Truck

Vehicle used in construction or mining for the transport of materials, consists of a hopper or tilting box, for unloading either forward or laterally, by gravity or hydraulically.

Technical description:
Conventional vehicle with 300hp engine, 18-speed transmission, rear axle with reinforced springs, hydraulic steering, air brakes, the dump box must have a capacity Capacity of 14 m3, flush built of sheet, with ribs on the front , floor and sides, with
overhead door closing mechanism and hydraulic lift system, operated from the cab


Industrial compressor is a device that compresses air and is used to use a wide range of pneumatic tools. They are machines whose function is to move fluids progressively increasing and according to the need of the task, the pressure it exerts.

Technical description:
This equipment has capacities that vary between 25 hp - 650 hp, provide great performance and increase energy savings. uses large compression units, specially selected to produce the required pressure and flow output.

Motor graders

Self-propelled equipment, which has a central blade as a tool, this is the one that cuts and scrapes the ground to achieve the leveling that it requires within the terrain. At the same time, they accumulate the material and deposit it elsewhere.

Technical description:
Motor graders are built with a powerful engine and a strong chassis that provides plenty of stability. The folding rear hood achieves exceptional visibility.


Telehandlers are versatile machines that lift, move and locate material. Different accessories can be attached to a telehandler to lift, move and locate various materials

Technical description:
Equipment with a load capacity of 4000 kg, maximum lifting height of up to 14 meters, rear axle lock and standard tilt corrector. It has a high-strength monobloc chassis, all-terrain capabilities, hydrostatic transmission and advance pedal, Position driving, limiter dangerous movements. Intelligent control via joystick and high security cockpit.

Mining scalers

Boom tip equipment such as Manual Pick and / or Hydraulic Rock Drill Hammer

Technical description:
Quick coupling equipment that allows the use of multiple accessories, including a manual pick, vibrating pick, hydraulic hammers and rock cutters with a rotary cutting head. Front-mounted shovel complements sanitation capabilities with 0 ° to 5 ° left-to-right rotation. It features multifunctional in-cab levers with an optional radio remote control, for maximum safety, visibility and productivity.


It is a highly specialized hydraulic machine that facilitates accelerated compaction of land and landfills.

Technical description:
Copactador equipment is a self-propelled machine on wheels that has a roller type that allows to accelerate the soil compaction process.

Low-profile trucks

Truck with a specialized dump box for underground terrain and low profile, this articulated equipment can transport up to 40 tons. The operator's safety is reinforced due to the fact that it has a closed cabin, with vibration isolation.

Technical description:
This mining truck is an articulated truck with a capacity from 15 to 40 metric tons, designed to excel in low profile mining projects, with heights of only 2.3 meters. To provide clear visibility in both directions of travel, the truck is equipped with front and rear view cameras and a cab mounted monitor. A spring suspension seat and ergonomic controls in the operator's cab help increase productivity.

Mixer truck

The concrete mixer are specialized trucks which are used to transport concrete, this type of truck mounts a cylindrical mixing drum to transport the mixed cement. The mixing drum always rotates during transport to ensure that the concrete being transported does not solidify.

Technical description:
Mixer truck with a capacity of 2-6 m3. The truck consists of a car chassis and a stirring device. Due to its narrow body and short wheelbase, small turning radius and great flexibility, the mixer trucks are widely used in some construction projects, such as mines, tunnels, underground.