Do you know what mining really is?

Mining is an economic activity that is known as primary, since minerals are extracted directly from the earth without being minerals are extracted directly from the earth, without being previously processed by man processed by man, this consists in the extraction of different types of minerals of different types of minerals present on or near the Earth's surface the Earth's surface.
Minerals are essential components for the production of the different materials that people use in our lives different materials that people use in our daily lives our daily lives. Mining includes a series of activities throughout its entire process, ranging from discovery, exploration, and process, ranging from discovery and exploration to the exploitation of the deposit exploitation of the deposit (the rock in which the mineral is found), the (extraction of minerals), transformation (or elaboration of other materials using minerals), and the of other materials by means of minerals), and finally the closing of the mine.
Since the Stone Age, more than two million years ago, man has been using mining for the manufacture of tools. It can be said that mining was born when humans extracted different types of rocks from the Earth, which they carved and shaped into tools or utensils that they used for hunting. At the beginning, this type of mining was very rudimentary since it only consisted of digging up rocks, such as flint, which was used to make cutting tools due to its ability to break into curved fragments and blades into curved fragments and straight blades with slight curves, as it broke into cutting points it broke into sharp points.

La minería subterránea surgió cuando los minerales expuestos en la
superficie del terreno se agotaban y entonces se tenía que excavar por
debajo de la superficie, por lo que las minas en la superficie son mucho
más antiguas que las subterráneas.
La mina subterránea más antigua que se ha encontrado es una mina de
ocre rojo en la sierra Bomvu de Suazilandia, en África meridional,
excavada 40,000 años antes de nuestra era (mucho antes de la
aparición de la agricultura).
La minería procesa los minerales después de extraerlos y
posteriormente pasan a las empresas industriales, quienes se encargan
de fabricar los productos que necesitamos y utilizamos día con día. Casi
todos los materiales utilizados por la sociedad contienen partes o están
hechos completamente de materiales extraídos de la Tierra mediante la
La minería es tan importante al grado de que otras actividades del
sector primario como la pesca y la agricultura, no se podrían realizar sin
herramientas y maquinaria fabricadas con productos que se extraen de
las minas

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